Gutarist TV’s Maiden Voyage with Joe Satriani

In 2001, G-TV MD Mike de Jager saw Joe Satriani perform live at Shepherd’s Bush in London for the first time. The idea of a guitarist TV channel was born and he launched “Mike’s World of Guitars & Music” located at www.mikedejager.co.uk.

A dedicated slot on his main page was made for Joe as a sign of deep respect for his achievements as the world’s most amazing and consistent rock guitarist.

Six years of dedication, hard work, night studies, personal investment, and perseverance followed and finally in 2006, Mike’s MpegUK TV Network officially launched Guitarist TV. Joining him on the maiden voyage was his good friend & G-TV Director Pete Caldwell, co-producer/set director Phillipa Hughes and, who would have believed it, Joe Satriani.

Preparations for Joe’s interview began in March 2006 with an enquiry to Mick Brigden, who looks after Joe’s direction. Later that month a representative of SonyBMG contacted G-TV and final approval for the interview and pre-tour promo work was given in May.

Mike would be filming and producing, Pete would do the interview & set direction would be looked after by the crew’s TV specialist, Phillipa Hughes.

On the day, the trio worked a full 16 hour day – Joe was a pleasure to work with, a real gentlemen and a true professional in every sense of the word. His interview can be seen at www.guitarist-tv.com the crew also interviewed Joe’s support – guitarist Johnny A and his footage will be shown shortly.

Permission to film selected tracks of Joe’s performance was granted by Mick Brigden and can be seen at www.guitarist-tv.com.

Mike also filmed some of Johnny A’s performance which will be screened soon.

Mike and Pete would like to extend their special thanks to Joe and the band, Mick & the entire JS production crew for their kind assistance and warm hospitality during the day’s production work.

Also, a big thank you to the staff and management of the Birmingham Symphony Hall for allowing us to film in a magnificent theatre – last but not least, to Alison Calvert of SonyBMG, the guys at PPR – thank you so much – you guys are the best.


July 20th, 2006

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