Michael de Jager and Nina Clarke

Michael de Jager and Nina Clarke – Guitarist Duets

On the 26th June 2011, Michael introduced Nina to the world on the Black Country Rock show on the world’s very first Guitarist TV channel.

The First Black Country Rock show 

Since then they have interviewed legendary guitarists and musicians from the Black Country.

These include:
  • Diamond Head founder/guitarist/composer Brian Tatler 
  • Magnum guitarist/composer Tony Clarkin
  • Judas Priest founder/vocalist/composer Al Atkins
  • Solo guitarist Paul May 
  • Wrathchild legend Rocky Shades
  • M2 Studios @Madhat – Sheena Sear & Mark Viner Stuart
..and had their fair share of fun with bloopers…like this classic with Tony Clarkin.

Mike and Nina recording the new Guitarist Duets record at M2 Studios – October 2013

Guitarist Duets has at it’s heart a band called The CORE with musicians:
  • Harry James – Thunder/Magnum (drummer) 
  • Al Barrows – Magnum (bass player) 
  • Michael de Jager – DS Iron Maiden (guitarist) 
Guests on the record so far include…
  • Dennis Stratton – Iron Maiden (1979/80) – Guitarist
  • Al Atkins – Judas Priest (1969/70) – Vocals
  • Neil Halliday – Keyboard player/composer
Look out for more details in coming up posts…



October 17th, 2013

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