Andre West

Tracer burn through the London Underworld


London Underworld Camden

Thursday 3rd November 2011

[Band Photos by Stephen Fourie]

The Underworld Camden is one of my favourite venues. It’s small, holding about 500 people tops and is brilliantly located for people like my wife and I to come in from out of town, catch a few great rock bands and be safely tucked in bed before midnight. We were here to see the fabulous up and coming Aussie band Tracer who were on the same bill as Swedish rockers Royal Republic. Tracer have started small and are building their fan base one convert at a time. In the fickle world of rock music, there’s a long way to go, but these guys have got the balls and the talent to take it far and wide and make a big success.


 For the record Tracer consist of Michael Brown (Guitar & Vocals), Leigh Brown (Bass & Vocals) and Andre “Dre” West (Drums).  Michael is one heck of a guitarist and brought along four of his beautiful toys to show the audience just what he could do with them. This included a particularly fine specimen of the Flying V. Gorgeous. Leigh his younger brother has a swagger and a mastery of the Bass Guitar beyond his years. “Drey” the band’s master and commander of the drums, towers over his kit like some huge spider

The set was short and sweet but not without a minor technical hitch. The bass amp for some reason being a little temperamental right at the very beginning of the show but eventually it seemed to decide to cooperate.

The band treated us to a cool selection from their classy debut album Spaces In Between. Too Much is a sweet little full on rock and roll number which is the first single from the band. It speeds along ferociously and rings in your ears. Also in the melting pot were The Bitch, Walk Alone and the album title track. A special mention for two parts of the show that were mightily impressive. The first was Leigh’s vocals on the stomping Louder Than This. Jeepers! That voice nearly blew the roof off! 

The second thing that really impressed was the segment of War Pigs that the band played towards the end of the set. This got all the audience singing and nodding in approval, and added to the buckets of rock credibility already on display.

If you get a chance to see Tracer anywhere get a ticket! They’re great blokes who play a no thrills, balls to the wall rock and roll with a touch of finess.
Catch a video introduction with Presenter Mike De Jager here

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Rob Pope


November 10th, 2011

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