Rock radio grows in Africa…

Durban Rock Radio’s Mission Statement

“We will expose Durban’s finest to the World and the World’s finest to Durban.”
Whether you are black, white, pink, yellow…a Methodist, Catholic, Hindu or Zionist…male, female or bi…everybody loves to rock!

Our road warriors continue to tour this beautiful planet, trading their wares and conquering as they perform at the highest level. We owe these amazing musicians a debt of gratitude for soldiering forth with great flag of rock n roll, healing the world uniting people of all faiths & cultures as they go.

In Africa, demand for rock continues to grow among the greater demographic as is does in the UK and the rest of the world.

Two of the world’s top rock bands, 30 seconds to Mars and the Foo Fighters performed to sell out crowds in South Africa and they performed to a completely multi cultured audience whose numbers continue to grow.

The management team at Durban Rock radio in conjunction with record label Downhill Music Ltd., internet TV channel Guitarist TV and rock n roll media business solutions giant MpegUK, are driving the rock business to the heart of Africa and will be bring the heart of Africa to the world on 2015.

Michael de Jager

December 20th, 2014

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