The Core UK & Patrick John Broderick – Rock n Roll History

The Core UK release their latest track on Guitarist TV’s You Tube channel – featuring special guest guitarist, composer Patrick John Broderick. http://youtu.be/wPEW9q0fDV0 

Michael and Patrick became friends at New Forest High in 1970 which would have been when they were around twelve years old. Both had only just started learning how to play the guitar and it was that common thread that held their friendship together during the tough years that followed, growing up in a very racist South Africa
They shared many of life’s experiences together as teenagers…they started surfing together, they rode skateboard together till all hours of the morning, they entered yo-yo competitions together, made surf boards together, started smoking together and dated their first girlfriends together at their high school matrix dance.
Their first band together was called “PEANUTS” and they would perform every Satuday morning at the Embassy movie theatre in downtown Durban. The Kinekor Kiddies club provided entertainment for youngsters during the interval of the movies and Peanuts provided the live entertainment.
National service tore their friendship apart in 1976 when the boys were sent to opposite sides of the country to complete three years of military training. 
After national service, they continued to work in the music business, learning and growing separately on the professional pub circuit in Durban. 
In 2001 Michael immigrated to the UK and Patrick left a year earlier to go and live the USA…where they live today. 
This recording is the first time the boys have ever recorded together and the first time since Michaels visit to the USA in 2004, that they have actually made music together.

This is a really special moment in the lives of these two legendary musicians, and what you are watching is rock n roll history in the making.

Michael de Jager

December 2nd, 2014

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